Together, we can achieve everything

Long-term partnerships and team spirit are my top priority

Since childhood I have lived and loved football. Facing the competition as part of a team has fascinated me from the start and has shaped me to this day.
As a football player, I am always able to actively influence the success of a game. But that does not deceive the fact that I need a strong team around me to be able to perform so well. A team that emphasizes team play, acceptance and respect and shows egoism, intolerance and arrogance the red card.
That's my basic understanding of a partnership.
"You can do a lot by yourself, but you can achieve everything together." This is not just a phrase, it's my mission statement.

JD Marketing GmbH

Nothing is greater than the trust in one's own family and its strengths. Since I can remember my family has always accompanied and supported me and given me the strength and support I need for my career. That's why I founded JD Marketing GmbH in 2018, with my brother, Patrick Draxler, as Managing Director. The primary corporate purpose of the company is the marketing of my person and the associated rights as well as the operative implementation of any marketing measures.

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Rogon Sportmanagement GmbH & Co. KG (Sport Agency)

Rogon is my long-standing sports consulting agency, with whom I have worked successfully since the beginning of my career in my youth at Schalke. Together we have mastered all sporting challenges.


From the beginning Adidas has been my personal supplier. This partnership has grown over many years and is based on shared values and notions of sustainability, innovation, creativity and team play. My offensive, dynamic and team-oriented approach fits perfectly with Adidas' corporate culture.


My membership in the national team of the German Football Association fills me with pride and honour. The jersey with the eagle on the chest, the national anthem, the team and being allowed to compete with other nations for Germany - all this is another dream come true in my career. That's why the national team is not just a team for me but DIE MANNSCHAFT.
Cover Shoot Vogue Russia

Cover Shoot Vogue Russia

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My tools

My tools

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Never without my perfume

Never without my perfume

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My work clothes

My work clothes

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