For "Stop 10 seconds" campaign with Unicef in Copenhagen

My first official action as a Unicef sponsor began with a video call to Mats Hummels at #Stop10Seconds. I joined immediately and I'm sure that I will be able to convince many others - Dirk Nowitzki, Boris Becker, Joko Winterscheidt, Eva Padberg, Franziska Knuppe, Felix Neureuther and many more.

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However, helping children in crisis areas requires an incredible amount of know-how and professional logistics. I wanted to see all that for myself, and I was really impressed. I knew it would be big. But at the logistics centre in Copenhagen, I got an idea of what big really means and how exactly Unicef helps. I think that no child in the world should starve!

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Every day, every 10 seconds, somewhere in the world a child under the age of 5 dies of hunger - the social media campaign #Stop10Seconds wants to help end this situation. On their social media channels, celebrities call on other public figures as well as private supporters to donate and become involved with a "stop gesture". With the donations collected, at least 10,000 malnourished toddlers in South Sudan would be provided with peanut paste and special therapeutic food and be saved from starvation.

RTL – "Wir helfen Kindern" Action in cooperation with Unicef

RTL – "Wir helfen Kindern" Action in cooperation with Unicef

For the RTL campaign "Wir helfen Kindern", which has existed since 1996, I travelled...

My Unicef sponsorship

My Unicef sponsorship

Since 2016 I am committed to Unicef - since the beginning of 2018 as a...

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